3 Ways to Cope With Mood Swings During Pregnancy

3 ways to cope with mood swings during pregnancy

Pregnancy Mood Swings Pregnancy is a life changing event. Nothing can beat the experience of carrying a life in the womb and waiting for the day a woman will deliver your precious baby to the world. As powerful this journey may be, so are the ups and downs. Mood swings are very common during pregnancy. Understanding these […]

BabyOrganix | Giving Children Positive Reinforcement

babyorganix giving children positive reinforcement

What is Positive Reinforcement One of the most important behavioral learning is Positive Reinforcement. It was made famous by B.F. Skinner. There are many methods to instill good behaviours and habits into children. We at BabyOrganix believe that positive reinforcement is the best. The reason why we believe in this is because it comes with […]

BabyOrganix | Encouraging Children to Have Good Hygiene

babyorganix encouraging children to have good hygiene

Why We Must Have Good Personal Hygiene? There is a saying “tidy house, tidy mind”. This saying is correct because effective nurturing helps to shape a child’s view and personal habits. Learning the importance of self-hygiene practices helps to stop the spread of diseases, and encourages children to develop lifelong hygiene habits. This cannot be denied with the current pandemic. […]

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