Parenting Guide | How to Have a Great Holiday In The Endemic

how to have a great holiday in the endemic

How to Have a Great Holiday In The Endemic

We are now moving into an endemic phase in 2022. With the opening of international borders and loosen restrictions, we can now start to travel. While some countries are slowly beginning to consider treating COVID-19 as an endemic disease, like the flu, you need to step up your preparation especially when you’re traveling with small children.

But as a parent, you know traveling and having a vacation with a toddler or children needs a lot of work. We are talking about lots of packing, coordinating, entertaining and taking care of everybody but yourself. To all parents, we know it is in your priority to take care of your kids but remember to pay attention to your partner too! They and you need this vacation more than anyone else! 

If you had some not so great vacations, where they seem like it’s more effort than it’s worth. We got your back! It doesn’t have to be that way. Take a new approach, an open mind attitude and some practical steps to ensure success. This time, your family holiday can be just as delightful, thrilling and as joyous as the ones you took before you had kids. And maybe, it might just be even better!

Prepare Your Holiday Options

Have you planned out your holiday options? Where do you feel like going, a staycation in the middle of the city, hillside or enjoying the sun and the breeze on the beach? Check whether all these places are baby friendly. After all, this is probably their first big vacation after 2 years of pandemic. You want the vacation to be unique for them too! Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Natural and Nature
    Your family will benefit from fresh air, sunshine and a dose of the great outdoor activities. This is the time to reconnect with nature again without much fear and worry. Opt for outdoor adventure. Go to a nature-based resort, farm stay and beachside holiday. This kind of vacation offers hours of entertainment, time to burn off energy, and quiet spots for rejuvenation. Just being in the natural environment has therapeutic benefits for body, mind and soul.
  • Conventional & All in One
    A city staycation can provide all you need in a vacation. This is the easiest way to ensure a relaxing holiday with kids is to have interesting activities located on site within the grounds such as theme parks, malls, night markets, museums or art centers. Having everything available in the same area means that you can avoid the constant packing, driving, parking and getting to the room for naps. 

Things to Know During the Holiday With Your Baby

  1. Have a good backpack
    You’re no longer traveling for yourself and you need more space, more diapers, clothes, baby bottles, sanitiser, wipes and more. It’s okay to be over prepared when it comes to having vacation with kids.
  2. Keep your children safe and close
    Kids love to run! They might not yet understand the dangers of strangers and busy roads. Having them close with you will reduce your anxiety and keep them safe.
  3. Don’t get sunburn
    It’s important to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and that’s especially for children whose delicate skin can suffer long-term damage from sunburn. Use chemical sun lotions or use a toxic chemical free cream if you or your babe get sunburn.
  4. Take short naps
    Make sure your kids get to nap on the go or get rest in between drives or breaks. With some proper planning, it will hardly disrupt any of your holiday plans. They will enjoy the holiday more and you can have some easy time for yourself to really enjoy this long awaited break. 
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