Kids Need To Learn How To Do Laundry

kids need to learn how to do laundry

Why Kids Should Learn How to Do Laundry

Regardless of gender, parents should teach their kids how to do laundry. You may think that family activities are always about the ‘fun’ stuff like picnic, family movie time, playtime, walking in the park, sports and so-on. But do you know that, including daily routines in your family can be good for the kids. Teaching your kids doing chores will be useful to them in the present and the future.

Doing chores at home can be tiring and daunting for some of us. Do keep in mind that teaching your kids how to do laundry is not about sharing the ‘burden’. At the same time, setting the foundation for doing chores early in life can prepare your children for these tasks. You can start teaching them when they’re 3 years old and above. They may not be able to help you wash the clothes, but they can help you in folding, separating the colours and being a washing machine wingman! 

3 Good Reasons to Learn from Laundry Time

Teaching kids how to do their laundry independently accomplishes a few things at once:

  1. Responsibility
    It teaches responsibility to kids. This also makes them in charge of their own belongings and makes sure they keep track of when things need to be cleaned.
  2. Taking Care of Ones’ Belongings and Others
    This will eventually lead to respecting the rest of their belongings because they have spent time and energy cleaning their own things. Next thing you know, they will be more considerate to others.
  3. Sense of Accomplishment
    Just like how they feel like on top of the world when they aced their tests. The small victories in doing laundry can also be fostered. Being able to do jobs usually done by adults can make doing laundry exciting for kids. 

Sustainability When Doing Laundry at Home

We don’t always give them much thought, but our washers and dryers can account for a significant part of our home’s energy and water use. If you’re trying to shrink your ecological footprint, consider using energy efficient washers, dry your clothes outside more and choose more natural clothing fibers. 

Synthetic fibers like polyester fleece, acrylic, and nylon will give rise to thousands of microscopic pieces of plastic wash away with the rinse water. Research has shown that marine life ingest these fibers and absorb plastics into their tissue. It is not healthy for animals that eat them and including us! 

Being Environment Friendly with BabyOrganix

We must learn how to avoid harmful chemicals at all costs. Conventional detergents, stain removers, and dryer sheets contain synthetic chemicals linked to endocrine disruption, developmental toxicity, and other health concerns. The phosphates in conventional laundry detergents can lead to algal blooms that negatively affect ecosystems and marine life.

Fortunately for you, BabyOrganix is here to sort this out. O’Clean Laundry Powder (Lavender) and O’Clean Laundry Liquid (Lavender) are readily biodegradable and phosphate-free, and made from plant- and vegetable-based ingredients. It’s safe for baby’s sensitive skin. There are no SLS, SLES, sulfates, petrochemicals, chlorine, phosphates, animal by-products dyes, caustics, allergens or optical brighteners in these products. Best part is, we never tested on animals. Certified cruelty-free! 

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