5 Must Have Parenting Micro Habits

5 must have parenting micro habits

Parenting Done Right

Being a parent is not a one time thing, it is a long journey that only parents can understand. Some of the biggest misconceptions about raising kids are being competent to provide material comforts and being the ultimate role model to their children. It’s true, having little to no financial worries can be a huge relief but children see the world differently than we do as adults. Being the ultimate role model, well this takes more time, attention, effort and understanding.

Our parenting journey evolves all the time, children are now more free to explore themselves. We as parents must do our best to provide them with the necessities of life and guidance on how to be a better person in the world. It is easy to lose track of all those small things and get swallowed up by the day to day challenges.

Questions to ask yourself as a parent:

  • Why do I want to have children?
  • What is my philosophy as a parent?
  • Can I provide my kids with enough financially, emotionally and spiritually?
  • What would I like my kids to be proud of me for?
  • Do I let my kids explore themselves as an individual as they grow up?

There is a huge correlation between having a parenting way/philosophy and having a happy family life and successful kids. Take your time to answer these and your honest answers will guide you to be a parent that your kids love to have and will be forever grateful for! 

Improving Your Parenting Ways with Consistency and Patience

They say that it’s the little things that matter and it’s true. Take a look at your kids and you’ll see that in action. The most precious gifts are not the expensive presents you shower them with, but actually, the small precious moments when you laugh, bond and cherish together with them. 

Having children teaches us the real meaning of patience. To forgive and forget all their mistakes, clumsiness, blunders takes a lot of patience! Consistency is one of the most essential and productive strategies when it comes to good parenting. Imagine showing your inconsistent habits and impatience traits in front of them. Kids pick up things fast and they learn from you. And you don’t want them to have these bad traits. 

5 Must Have Parenting Micro Habits

Having these micro habits can make a huge difference in the relationship between you and your children. Practice these and in time, they become a natural part of what you do, and you’re performing better, in this case parenting better, before you know it. Micro habits can be used to grow successfully in life. These tiny things may seem insignificant, but they help ingrain good habits into our kids. 

Here are 5 micro habits that that every parent should have:

  1. Smile and be cheerful before you walk into a room occupied by your children. This resets your mood and conveys a positive attitude when you greet your family. Your children will expect you better without having a feeling of withdrawal and being scared.
  2. Have positive body language when connecting with your kids. For example, point your feet toward your child when they have something important to tell you. When you know your child has something to say, point your feet toward them and they’ll know that you’re giving them your utmost attention.
  3. Turn your phone on silent or take it to another room during every time you have a meal with them. This shows that you care about spending family time with them without having to worry about your work or business. Mealtime is one of the best times to have an open time for interaction. It is easy to do when there are no cell phone distractions.
  4. Do a small act of kindness together with your child. This helps them develop kindness and generosity. This also helps a child see beyond their own needs and fosters a sense of togetherness with the people around them.
  5. Exercise and relax with your children. Playing sports, walking, jogging, and doing a variety of large motor skill activities has been proven to help with sensory skill development. And learn how to relax with them. Listening to soft music or taking a short nap together can be good in forming a strong bond with growing kids. 
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