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What is Positive Reinforcement

One of the most important behavioral learning is Positive Reinforcement. It was made famous by B.F. Skinner. There are many methods to instill good behaviours and habits into children. We at BabyOrganix believe that positive reinforcement is the best. The reason why we believe in this is because it comes with plenty of benefits that can last a lifetime for a child. 

Positive reinforcement is the introduction of a desirable or pleasant stimulus after a behaviour. When we are consistent in doing this. We can shape a child’s behaviour to reinforce good and pleasant habits. It ensures returns on the good behaviors that are already being displayed, rewarding the natural tendencies towards good behavior in the individual you are working to train.

Positive reinforcement works because the brain connects the action to the reward. Positive reinforcement is especially effective at establishing new behaviours. Parents must take notice to not overuse this method. This is because children will be bored with the rewards over time.

One thing that we observed is that Asian parenting style can be stern and harsh. We always call it ‘tough love’. While it may forge the nerve of steel and hardworking attitude but it also brings certain unfavourable conditionings in mind as well. Some of these kids grew up and never knew the healthy way to express their emotions & feelings, too much of a perfectionist and in some, lack of empathy. 

Negative reinforcement is good when it is only used to remove undesirable habits and behaviours. Do not use this method just to shape their character to your liking. Remember, parents must know that a child is free to explore their very own potential. We must act as a provider and a guide, not a ‘dictator’. 

Why Must Parents Use Positive Reinforcement?

This is a powerful tool that can help children form good behavior habits, while minimizing negative outbursts that garner unfavourable attention. Some of the benefits of using positive reinforcement include:

  • It helps them to boost self-esteem
  • It develops positive outlook in life
  • Stronger mental health and resilience 
  • Reaffirm children that you as parents care
  • Positive love language

BabyOrganix Guides to Positive Reinforcement in Action

Some of the good examples of positive reinforcement used at home:

  1. Compliments and recognition on tasks done such as house chores, cleaning up toys and doing dishes
  2. Let your child overhear you praising how great they really are. This could be to another adult or family member
  3. Spend time playing, do sports and other activities that your children love
  4. Squeeze and hug your children after they have done something good
  5. Give them credit for their efforts

We at BabyOrganix always believe that children always come first. We believe in supporting their agency and rights to make decisions that actively contribute to their experiences.

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