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babyorganix 5 rules to follow when visiting newborn

Excited to Meet a Newborn?

Yes, the new year is already here and the festive season is also near but we need to remember one thing. We are still in the pandemic! Yes, vaccination and booster shots do help but this won’t stop us from being alert on this matter. COVID-19 can affect newborns too. So it’s important to limit their contact with others.

Everybody loves babies and everyone wants to meet them. There is something so lovely, sweet and adorable about them that we just want to hug, cuddle and squish their cheeks. Plus, seeing them just gives us a warm feeling. Sadly, during this pandemic, it’s important to keep babies and their parents safe and healthy. Even before COVID-19, experts advised limiting the number of visitors to visit a newborn for the first couple of months. This is because we might be carrying germs or bacteria and the baby’s immune system is still developing.

5 Rules to Follow When Visiting Newborn

While it’s exciting for some of us as visitors, please keep in mind that adjusting to life with a new baby can be a tough time for the family.  It’s important to be respectful of the big change that is happening to your loved ones. Here are 5 important rules to keep in mind when visiting a newborn: 

1. Visit When It’s Convenient for the New Parents

Being new parents can be stressful. There are so many things to learn and manage at the same time. When you want to visit a newborn, be sure to work around the parents’ schedule. Be accommodating and flexible with the new parents. After all, they’re entrusting you to be around their newborn.

2. Respect The Parents’ Boundaries

Not every parent has the same rule and we need to respect them whatever rule it is. Due to the pandemic, some parents may want you to be a few feet away from the babies, limit to outdoor interaction or even wearing a mask. Let’s be mindful and put yourself in their shoes. We all want the best for the baby!

3. Wash Your Hands or Use Sanitiser Before Touching or Holding the Newborn

Always, like ALWAYS wash your hands or use hand sanitizer where available before holding the baby you’re visiting. Keeping your hands sanitised before touching the baby will ensure that you won’t spread any illnesses. 

4. Ask Permission to Take Photos

The parents may not be comfortable having their precious baby’s photos taken. Always remember to ask the couple if they let you take photos of their baby. Also, turn off the flash before snapping the photo. The flash can severely irritate a newborn’s eyes.

5. Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

If you are a parent yourself, you know that the new parents need rest too. Although they may be too polite to not say it out, do not overstay your welcome. You can also contribute in some ways, such as bring some food and gifts, help to clean or ask them if they need your help. Depending on the relationship you have with them, you’ll know what’s appropriate.

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