Top 5 Germiest Places in Our Home

Top 5 Germiest Places in Our Home

Even at home, we are still exposed to germs. Not knowing germs could be hiding in our own home could be alarming to the safety of the family. BabyOrganix cares for babies and the whole family, this is why we will help you recognize and know the germiest places in our homes.

The Top 5 Germiest Places at Home for BabyOrganix

  1. Kitchen

Places like the kitchen sink and countertop are the dirtiest place in the kitchen. Several items in the kitchen like cutting board, sponge, stove knobs and coffee maker contains bacteria more than you could imagine. These spots need more intense cleaning to remove residing germs and bacteria.

  1. Bathroom

The place where we clean ourselves turns out to be one of the dirtiest places in our home. The dirt we washed off from our body is collected in the bathroom. Germs live in wet and warm places, particularly in the toothbrush holder where you put wet toothbrushes.

  1. Pet Area

For families with pets, it is not surprising that germs could live in pet areas or places where pets frequently touch due to the pet’s unclean activities and habits. It is highly advisable to regularly clean the pet’s bowl and toys. As parents, we should know some of the tips for keeping toddlers safe from pet germs.

  1. Living Room

The place where the family gathers is where the germs also gather. In the living room, guests and family members relax not knowing they might have come into contact with germs. Sofa and rugs are the dirtiest items in the living room.

  1. Laundry

Did you know keeping the laundry wet in the washing machine for more than 20 minutes can attract germs and bacteria? Germs could also be collected by our clothes from outside or even from our bodies.

Germ likes to grow in wet and warm places. Now, we all know the places where germs could grow, always take note of cleaning those places and include them in the cleaning routine. Keeping your home clean!

Home is the safest place but it is the cleanest place for you and family?

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