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babyorganix cleaning essentials for family with baby

BabyOrganix Wants You to be Different – Natural and Free from Toxic Chemicals

Whether you’re having a baby or inspired to make a healthier switch, we are here for you. It is totally normal for you to become obsessive with hygiene and cleaning after the arrival of a newborn. At first, new parents tend to use stronger, heavy-duty cleaners in order to keep dirt, germs and bacteria away from our homes. It’s normal, we want to protect our children.

Even so, many ingredients in traditional cleaner products are carcinogens and they are the second most common poison exposure for children. Years of media advertisement and propaganda have made us believe that the conventional brands are effective in cleaning. Sadly, this isn’t the whole truth.

Deadly chemicals and ingredients used in household products are harmful to our health. This includes some brightly colored household cleaning products that can lead to serious injury or even death if swallowed. Let’s reduce the risk of toxicity and accidental poisoning in your home while helping the environment at the same time. Natural living can be achieved in this era and BabyOrganix is created for this purpose alone!

Cleaning Essentials for Family with Baby by BabyOrganix

Choosing eco-friendly and toxic chemical free products ensure that your home is safe for your baby, family and the environment. Our range of natural baby products can be just as effective as those conventional products. Matter fact, we are safe, made from natural ingredients suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. 

It is not easy to keep our babies free from germs and bacteria but we can keep them safe. Be mindful of these items that your baby keep in contact with:

  1. Baby Toys
    The surfaces of baby toys, such as blocks and stuffed animals easily pick up germs and bacteria. Cleaning these toys regularly is a must. In the developmental stage, the baby loves to put things in his or her mouth. Use BabyOrganix’s Baby Feeding Bottle Wash. Its Lime Oil & Citric Acid have anti-bacterial properties, good for cleaning feeding accessories, pacifiers and toys.
  2. Kitchen & Furniture
    Keep the food preparation surfaces clean in your kitchen. Put more attention to the areas that are touched frequently such as doorknobs, handles and table tops. Use Naturally Kinder Sanitising Water. It is effective product has proven its effectiveness against pathogens and germs.
  3. Laundry
    If you’ve ever scoured the detergent aisle at your local supermarket, remember to check the label. You’ll be surprised how much of the deadly ingredients they use to manufacture those detergents. The last thing you want to do is expose your baby to ingredients that can lead to rashes and eczema. O’Clean Laundry Powder is safe for the environment and yet removes the toughest stains on your baby clothes and diapers.

Sustainable BabyOrganix Products is The Way

Raising an eco-conscious child can start with the choices you make at home. From the surfaces they sleep on to what we use to clean our homes have long-term effects on developing babies. You can make the choice to control the number of resources you use every day and help save our planet and its ecosystems. 

Let’s make a conscious choice today. Be mindful of the products you buy, the companies you buy from, and how you use and dispose of products once you are done with them. With these actions, the future generation will thank you for your efforts. 

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