Newborn Sleeping and Nap Guide by BabyOrganix

Newborn Sleeping And Nap Guide By Babyorganix

BabyOrganix knows how strange and overwhelming the world of newborn sleep is. Baby sleep and naps can be restful for both parents and babies. A newborn needs around 14-17 hours of sleep a day, but this may vary from one baby to another. 

Baby sleep is a recipe for exhaustion, but learning the science of their sleep will help you cope with and prevent mistakes that can hinder the baby’s development of more mature sleep rhythms. That’s why BabyOrganix created baby care tips for sleeping and nap to help parents ease their stress and have a good rest. 

BabyOrganix Tips to Put Your Baby Down for a Sleep and Nap

  • Set the mood

A dark and quiet atmosphere will help encourage your little one to sleep. Additionally, a comfortable and cozy temperature will help them fall asleep easily and quickly. For infants, the ideal room temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Make your baby comfortable

It’s easier for babies to fall asleep when they are comfortable and have fulfilled their basic needs. That includes changing the diaper before bedtime and filling up their baby tummy, so your infant falls asleep for as long and soundly as possible.

  • Put your baby to bed when drowsy but still awake

You could try singing gentle lullabies or swaddling or massaging your little one until your baby gets overtired or sleepy. By adding this into your routine, your baby will soon realize that these things mean it’s time to rest.

  • Be safe

If babies have a comfy, safe, and consistent place to relax, they can sleep better during naptime. Place your newborn on his or her back to sleep, and clear the crib or bassinet of blankets and other soft things.

  • Don’t compromise naps for a good night’s sleep

If you think you and your baby will score more sleep at night by giving up naps during day time, then you won’t. You’re probably going to end up sleepless with an overtired baby who can’t sleep at all.

  • Be consistent

If they take them at the same time each day and for around the same amount of time, babies can get the most out of daytime naps. Of course, occasional exceptions are unavoidable and will not hurt your baby.

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BabyOrganix T3 Soothing Balm is safe for baby’s sensitive skin and effective against irritating little friends — insects that could disturb their sleep. Apply a small amount of balm to areas prone to insect bites or to any affected spots on the skin. Let your baby sleep soundly without any interruption with BabyOrganix T3 Soothing Balm. This will also help parents take their well-deserved sleep and rest. Checkout BabyOrganix and see our range of newborn baby products!

Set A Good Nap Routine And Stick To It When Possible. Help Your Little One To Sleep Better
Set A Good Nap Routine And Stick To It When Possible. Help Your Little One To Sleep Better
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