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How To Burp The Baby Babyorganix

One of the most important parts of feeding a baby is burping. Burping helps to get rid of the excess air babies tend to swallow during their feeding time. A baby can spit up or appear cranky or gassy by swallowing too much air and not able to burp regularly. 

Fortunately, BabyOrganix gathered some burping newborn care tips and techniques you can follow to release the air and make space for the baby’s complete meal.

BabyOrganix Baby Care Tips for Burping

There’s a lot of ways to burp a baby. Here at BabyOrganix, we’ll talk about three of the most popular and effective techniques along with a plethora of other ways.

1. Over the shoulder

Place the baby gently over your shoulder with a burp cloth and pat or rub the back to remove trapped air. This technique and position are depending on who does the burping. For moms, lay the baby in a way that their belly is laying on your breast. This puts a reinforced pressure layer into the tummy of the baby that can encourage air to release. Either way, don’t try to bounce as they burp.

2. Facedown on lap

Sit on a sturdy chair or couch with both feet on the ground properly and comfortably. Lay the baby’s belly across your thighs, one leg under their stomach, and the other under the baby’s head while the head turned sideways. Use burp cloth to prevent the dreaded wet burp. Use your one hand to secure them while the other is gently patting or rubbing the baby’s back in a circular motion. When a baby is a bit older, some parents prefer to lay on their side and place the baby facing down over their hip to help them burp.

3. Sitting up

Sit the baby in an upright position, lean them slightly forward, and use one hand to support the chest and head, and gently rub and pat their back with the other. When babies have more control of their head and neck, in the same position, move the baby’s leg in, bend the knee, and raise the baby’s arms 90-degrees away from their body.

How often should I burp my baby?

Helping your baby to burp depends on how you feed them:

  • Bottle-feeding burps

When bottle-feeding, burp the baby around halfway through the feeding, or more frequently if she becomes fussy or takes a long time.

  • Breastfeeding burps

A good time to burp your baby when breastfeeding is when you switch breasts. If your newborn normally feeds on one breast only, burp mid-feed on the same breast.

What to do when a baby doesn’t burp much?

That’s okay! Some babies don’t consume a lot of air, so they probably aren’t regular burpers. If your baby isn’t a big burper, your baby doesn’t seem to be bothered by gas pains and if they are gaining weight at the right pace, there’s nothing to worry about.

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