BabyOrganix Guide to Safe Hand Washing for Kids

Babyorganix Guide To Safe Hand Washing For Kids

Good and proper handwashing should be the first line of defense against the spread of many germs, bacteria, and viruses, particularly COVID19. Clean and wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer. It might seem like a small action, but it is one that could have a major impact on our health especially this time of the pandemic.

BabyOrganix knows that there’s a lot of questions going on in your head. Which soap to use? Is it okay to use a hand sanitizer? How can I get my child to wash their hands at school? Luckily, BabyOrganix created tips and guides for safe handwashing for kids and the whole family to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

BabyOrganix 5 Easy Steps For Kids to Clean and Wash Their Hands

If you have children at home, you probably understand the struggle when it comes to hand hygiene. Children would much rather spend 20 seconds watching their favorite TV shows or playing with toys, instead of washing their hands. BabyOrganix listed down some child-friendly hand-washing tips for kids for healthier living:

  • Get wet and soapy

Get the hands of your child wet in clean water. Put soap on their hands and make suds. Avoid using conventional soap as it may harm children’s delicate and sensitive skin. Conventional soaps dry out the skin causing different skin problems.

  • Rub. Rub. Rub.

Rub soapy hands together long enough. You can teach your child to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice while handwashing. Clean palms, the back of hands, and between fingers. Don’t forget to teach your kid to also clean under their nails as it can trap dirt and germs.

  • Rinse thoroughly

Keep hands under the clean running water. Rinse hands thoroughly until there’s no more soap left.

  • Shake and dry

Shake the hands a few times, then use a clean towel or hand dryer to dry them.

  • Use hand sanitizers when necessary

When outside or at school and there’s no water available, remind your child to use hand sanitizers instead. But avoid using regular hand sanitizers that can be harmful to their skin. Use natural and toxic-free hand sanitizers like BabyOrganix Naturally Kinder Hand Sanitizer. It has been confirmed that its active ingredient sanitizes the hand without leaving any harmful residues and suitable for any skin type. BabyOrganix Naturally Kinder Hand Sanitizer gives your family peace of mind when cleaning with water is not available.

How to Keep School-aged Kids’ Hands Clean and Protected?

Centers like kindergarten and preschools often have fairly strict hand-washing routines, and when they wash their hands, younger kids are often supervised. However, it is also important as parents to teach our children proper hand washing routines.

Make them aware of why they need to wash their hands regularly. Tell them that it can stop germs from spreading, preventing them from getting sick, and protecting others from illness. You can also give them simple information about COVID19 in a way they can easily understand. Remind them that they need to use a face mask and keep their distance from other people especially in crowded places. Always pack them with hand sanitizers to clean their hands even in the absence of water. 

To keep them reminded about proper hand hygiene, another idea is to leave a note on their lunchbox that reminds them to clean and wash their hands before and after eating.

Protecting Your Family with BabyOrganix

BabyOrganix’s top priority is the health of your family especially during this time of the pandemic. We are here to help and guide parents in taking care of the whole family through our organic and toxic-free family and newborn baby products. It is our philosophy in BabyOrganix to use premium natural or plant-derived ingredients in all our products.

Germs, bacteria, and viruses are kept lurking around. BabyOrganix is not just excellent in protecting your health it is also effective and safe for the whole family. Have a safer and healthier home with BabyOrganix! A friendly reminder from BabyOrganix, don’t forget to regularly wash your hands and keep safe!

Dont Underestimate The Power Of Hand Washing. The Time You Spend At The Sink Could Save You Trips To The Doctors Office. 1
Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Hand Washing. The Time You Spend At The Sink Could Save You Trips To The Doctors Office. 1
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