BabyOrganix 12.12 Sales

BabyOrganix 12.12 Sales

Being a parent is not an easy task. It takes more patience and courage to be a good and effective one. This is why this coming holiday season, BabyOrganix have a special early holiday promotion for the hard-working parents like you. On the 12th of December, we at BabyOrganix is excited to give you the 12.12-holiday promotion. Buy the first BabyOrganix product with its normal price and get the second product for only RM12.

BabyOrganix Tips to Keep Baby’s Skin Healthy

As parents, we have this joy of nudging those chubby little cheeks, dimpled thighs, tiny fingers, and toes. It is also our responsibility to take extra care and protect our baby’s delicate skin from irritation, chemicals, allergies, and the environment, and such. Baby skincare can be complicated with the excessive amount of products, medical studies, and opinions in the marketplace – so we at BabyOrganix compiled some basic and easy-to-follow skincare routines to give you the confidence and knowledge to soothe and nourish your baby’s skin not just this holiday season but every single day.

  • Cleanse

We all know babies are not that dirty compared to us adults, however, we still want to follow a regular, nighttime bath routine for our babies. This is not just calming for baby, but it also washes away oils and excess dry skin that can cause cradle cap and other skin conditions. Using warm water and BabyOrganix baby skincare products in most areas is more than enough to cleanse baby skin.

  • Moisturize

Moisture provides what the baby’s skin loses and gives the child a protective barrier, you can moisturize baby skin every morning and evening.  To moisturize baby skin, creams are one of the good choices because they contain more oil, go on smoothly, and contain humectants, which help the skin preserve its moisture. Lotions can also work and very easy to apply to the skin but may dry out sensitive skin which babies have. Ointments provide the best moisture but can be greasy and don’t absorb well on the skin.

Regardless of which type of moisturizer you use, always choose natural, safe and effective baby skincare products like BabyOrganix. Additionally, while preservatives are necessary to prevent bacterial and fungal growth, avoid using products that contain harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates.

  • Prevent

As parents, we’re directed to watch for certain skin conditions like baby acne, cradle cap, diaper rash, and even eczema and of course the steps to take to prevent these from happening. Baby soaps, creams, lotions, and ointments are great tools to prevent having eczema.

Moreover, a regular baby bath with the use of a soft-bristle brush for the head and scalp can help fight cradle cap and baby acne. You should also keep your babies away from excessive sun exposure especially between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm, where the sun has its most harmful rays and always ensure the child is properly clothed and protected from the sun. These are all simple yet effective steps when used regularly.

  • Treat

Baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive, so when unwanted conditions and irritations starting to show, know your treatment options to prevent or treat a particular baby’s skin condition. 

BabyOrganix 12.12 Promotion

BabyOrganix has a special offer to all the hardworking parents out there! Mark your calendar now for our early holiday promotion happening on December 12, 2019. Buy the first BabyOrganix product and get the second product at RM12 only! Visit  BabyOrganix today and plan your shopping spree for 12.12 sale!


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