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Say NO to Chemicals-filled Lifestyle. Say YES to Toxic-free Living!

More and more people are demanding toxic-free products in every form. Why? Because they are beginning to understand the detrimental effects on their health when they use chemical-laden products, be it through food, clothing, cosmetics. skin care or any other non-natural forms. Our foods are full of herbicides, pesticides, colouring, etc and our cosmetics and skincare are filled with dangerous add-ons. But is there any other way? Celia Teoh, CEO of BabyOrganix thinks so. In fact, she’s armed with all the details to tell you why going toxic-free is the only way forward, if you want to live a healthy, wholesome life. One cause for the sharp for the decline is society getting caught in the media hype from misleading advertising, which unfortunately are aimed at your pocket rather than your health. Since many customers often don’s take time to investigate deeper into all advertising claims, they are often dissapointed when serious consequences befall their health or worse, when they are faced with a life-threatening disease, like Cancer. So what does it mean to be toxic-free? Simply put, toxic-free relates to something in its natural state, as it was when born or created, and from a living organism. That means there is no room for any chemical and artificial means since they are man-made, an altered form, and definitely not alive. This also eliminates the use of genetically modified foods, which is becoming a major problem on our planet. Toxic-free simply means close as possible as creation wanted and using only natural substance for its growth.

Does it make a difference if it’s toxic free?

Chemicals are synthetic ingredients that are known as carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Did you know that when consuming non-organic foods,you can ingest small amounts of more than 30 pesticides per day? In a single fragrance from cleaning products,cosmetics,and perfumes,there can be as 800 different chemicals used in that one product.For instance,did you know that Sodium laury| Sulfate(SLS) is found in a large amount of the products we use every day for personal hygiene and body care? It is in your toothpaste,shampoo,lotions,soap,liquid body and facial cleansers,and more. SLS is a know as a foaming agent and it is recognized as skin irritant. SLS leads to premature balding by damaging the hair follicles and preventing hair growth.On top of that,SLS serves as the oestrogen hormone when it is absorbed into the body through the skin.It makes the reproductive systems go haywire in both males and females-fertility in males is affected while females have an increased risk of cancer and suffer from enhanced PMS and menopausal symptoms. Want to know more? Turn to next page to see what harmful chemicals you could have been inadvertently letting into your home or even into your system.
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