Why you should avoid Formaldehyde?

Why you should avoid Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde often serves as a skin care ingredient to preserve products. While it’s no secret that cosmetics use various chemicals as skin care ingredients, using harmful ingredients may be way below the belt. From baby products to personal care products, some brands give you no escape from such harmful ingredients. There are various reasons why you should opt to use formaldehyde-free products.

The Dangers of Formaldehyde

  • It’s a carcinogen

The 12th Report on Carcinogens performed human, animal, and mechanistic studies to prove that formaldehyde is a carcinogen. Carcinogens are harmful chemicals that promote carcinogenics or the formation of cancer. Some people who were exposed to formaldehyde have developed cancers like leukemia, cancers of the para-nasal sinuses, nasal cavity, and nasopharynx.

  • Causes skin irritation

One of the most common side effects of formaldehyde is skin irritation, including hair loss and scalp burns. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also stated that formaldehyde can cause eyes, throat, nose irritation.

  • Injures the gastrointestinal mucosa

Ingestion of formaldehyde from cosmetics rarely happens but just to be safe, even for babies, make sure that the baby products are formaldehyde-free. According to a study, the ingestion of formaldehyde even as little as 30 mL causes corrosive injury to the gastrointestinal mucosa. Side effects include CNS depression, bleeding, coma, and respiratory distress.

  • Increases the risk of fertility problems

Formaldehyde often causes perinatal problems to the exposed fetus. A study showed that women who were chronically or occupationally exposed to formaldehyde had menstrual abnormalities, infertility, spontaneous abortions, premature birth. It is highly suggested that you take precautionary measures against formaldehyde exposure because formaldehyde can enter the body through inhalation, studies suggest that you keep the house ventilated. It is also highly suggested to stop smoking because formaldehyde is a component of tobacco smoke.

Most importantly, check if your personal care products and household products are formaldehyde free. It’s not a struggle to find formaldehyde free products because BabyOrganix is always available even online. BabyOrganix guarantees that our products are organic and safe for you and your baby. Visit the BabyOrganix to check our high standard and toxic-free products!

If possible, keep formaldehyde out of your living space until you can no longer smell a chemical odor.
If possible, keep formaldehyde out of your living space until you can no longer smell a chemical odor.
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