Why Parabens Aren’t Safe?

Why Parabens Aren’t Safe_

Parabens are a group of synthetic compounds that serve as an artificial preservative in personal care products. Parabens have been known to disrupt hormone function which is linked to a higher risk of toxicities. Most of us are aware of the dangers of parabens that’s why we seek paraben free baby products and personal care products. However, isn’t it also crucial to know how parabens can affect your health?

The Health Risks of Parabens

  • Parabens increase the risk of breast cancer

Parabens were found to spur the growth of cancer cells, especially breast cancer cells. One characteristic of parabens is that they have a chemical structure similar to estrogen which gives them the ability to mimic the effect of estrogen in the body. 

  • Alters Body Development

According to a study, parabens can disrupt the endocrine. Endocrine disruption and cause the function of our body to alter growth, development, and reproduction.  Brain sexual development might be sensitive to parabens and doses higher than 100 mg/kg can promote damage in the female’s reproductive system.

  • Infertility in male

A study from China showed that parabens can damage the development of sperm cells. It was also proven that the interaction between parabens and mitochondrial function in the testis can cause a decrease in reproductive potential.

  • Causes premature aging 

Some types of parabens can worsen sun damage which is why products with parabens as part of their skin care ingredients are hoaxes. Parabens can decrease the ability of keratinocytes and change cell morphology. In this way, parabens influence the aging and differentiation of keratinocytes.

Parabens can be easily found in personal care products such as makeup, lotion, shampoo, and anything that cosmetic companies think needed to be preserved. However, there is a high risk of using such harmful chemicals. It doesn’t even improve the condition of the skin, it just makes it worse. 

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Babies have a thinner epidermis than adults do and they are more sensitive to soaps.
Babies have a thinner epidermis than adults do and they are more sensitive to soaps.
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