Why the Use of Polyethylene Glycols Is Highly Discouraged?

Why the Use of Polyethylene Glycols Is Highly Discouraged_

Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs) compounds act as a solubilizer and binding agent in products. In personal care products and baby products, polyethylene glycols are used as penetration enhancers and emulsifiers. They usually contain small amounts of ethylene oxide and other heavy metals. These heavy metals are harmful chemicals that can trigger toxicities in the body. Unfortunately, polyethylene glycols can now be found in personal care products as skin care ingredients. There are a lot of reasons why you should go polyethylene glycol free.

The Dangers of using products with Polyethylene Glycols

  • Speeds up skin aging

Polyethylene glycols can reduce the skin’s level of moisture. This causes the skin to age prematurely. The best way to avoid it is to bid farewell to personal care products with polyethylene glycols and switch to safe products that still do the job. 

  • Increases the risk of breast cancer

Since polyethylene glycols are compounds made up of other elements and possibly heavy metals, it may increase the possibility of breast cancer. A study showed that heavy metals have different pathogenic effects that stimulate the development of breast cancer. The researchers also added that the breast tissue can stockpile heavy metals that may trigger the DNA fragmentation level and tumor cell’s survival. 

  • Contains ethylene oxide

It is known that polyethylene glycols contain ethylene oxides. Ethylene oxides are harmful chemicals that may result in respiratory irritation and lung injury. Other dangers include headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness, and cyanosis. 

  • May cause skin irritation

Polyethylene glycols may cause irritation, sensitization, and damaged skin. This might not happen frequently but it should be avoided especially if you have broken or damaged skin. The presence of other substances may mix up with the polyethylene glycols and cause further skin damage.

While others think that the use of polyethylene glycols is safe, there are still scientific explanations why you should avoid it. Since it is a compound element, there is a possibility that it contains harmful chemicals such as heavy metals.

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