Parenting Tips Keep your Children Away From Toxic Chemicals

Parenting Tips Keep your Children Away From Toxic Chemicals

Some moments call for the best parenting tips more than ever. As impossible as it may seem, even the most unsuspecting household products carry toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to you and your children’s health. For instance, did you know that there are various products that can be easily found at home that triggers eczema? While we don’t know what exactly causes eczema, it’s important to know that there are agents that can actually trigger it. According to a study, common eczema irritants include metals, cigarette smoke, soaps, and household cleaners, and fragrances.

There are even more toxic chemicals that do not concern eczema but might still put your kids at risk. One example is Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are compounds that can easily turn into vapor. These chemicals can be released from burning fuel such as wood and gasoline which can be found in carpeting. VOCs can cause eye and respiratory tract irritation. People with asthma, especially children are even more susceptible to illnesses brought upon by VOCs.

As part of your daily parenting routine, it is essential that you have the right parenting tools and baby skincare products that will save your kids from these toxic agents without breaking the bank. BabyOrganix shares with you a list of parenting tips that include baby lotion and baby skincare products you can actually use to protect your children and shoo away the toxic agents.

Protect your Kids from Toxic Chemicals Using These BabyOrganix Parenting Tips

  • Check if the baby products are phthalate-free

Most of the bathroom cleaners and bath products contain phthalates. Phthalate is a type of chemical used to lengthen the life of fragrances and to soften plastics. Studies show that phthalate is particularly dangerous to pregnant women as it causes negative effects on the genital development of their children. 

It is important to invest in baby skincare products and parenting products that are phthalate-free. BabyOrganix assures that all the products are safe and protected; we make products that are free from toxic chemicals including phthalate. From baby lotion to soap, we ensure that our products give you the high-quality products that you and your baby deserve.

  • Regularly clean the floor

There are a lot of bacteria lurking especially on the bathroom floor. The most common bacteria found on the floor are Bacteroidaceae streptococcus and salmonella. While it is a fact that we are regularly exposed to these types of bacteria, one of the best ways to reduce the casualty is to regularly clean the floor. Of course, it is important that you consider the cleaning product to be baby-friendly; make sure that it is safe and has no toxic formulation. BabyOrganix Crawl Safely Floor Wash takes aways all worries about your floor. It has a plant-based cleaning agent that will surely wipe away the bacteria naturally and make your floor crawl-friendly.

  • Switch to laundry detergent that is safe from enzymes

Most laundry detergents contain enzymes to loosen stains. However, the ingestion of enzymes can result in nausea, convulsions, and worse, coma. Asthma can also develop if children are exposed to large quantities of detergent.

It’s difficult to search for laundry detergents that don’t contain such toxic chemicals these days. Luckily, BabyOrganix O’Clean Laundry Powder is the perfect laundry powder to soothe your worries and to level up your parenting game. This BabyOrganix product is the perfect laundry powder with zero nasty ingredients that protect your home and also removes the toughest stains on your baby’s clothes at the same time. BabyOrganix O’Clean Laundry Powder is formulated to be free from enzymes, dye, phosphate, and other nasty chemicals to reduce your worry for your child’s safety.

  • For sensitive and eczema-prone skin, use the right skincare set

There are a lot of eczema irritants including in most home products. Some common irritants include metals, cigarette smoke, household cleaners, fragrances, Cocamidopropyl betaine from shampoo, Formaldehyde from household disinfectants, and etc. To battle such problems, parents must be wise in picking the right product for their kids. One of BabyOrganix’s missions is to make your parenting easier; that is why we brought the Eczema Care Set to life! The Eczema Care Set consists of a hydrating cream bath, sanitizing water, and nature’s first aid that is calming, soothing and ensures essential moisture to your kids’ skin.

  • Use a gentle shampoo to combat eczema

Allow your children to get the mildest care that not only moisturizes the baby hair but also prevents the scalp from itching and flake. BabyOrganix has a Gentle Hair Shampoo that is fit for the sensitive scalp and helps retain natural skin and scalp oils.

Parenting is indeed a hard task and putting our children’s health and safety at your top priority goes a long way. However, if you come to think of it, parenting is not that much of a struggle if we use the right products and depend on trusted parenting tips. 

Home might be where the heart is but it is also where most bacteria lurk so it is not an option to be complacent. Here at BabyOrganix, we are aware of the toxic chemicals that might affect your children and their growth. That’s why it is our philosophy in BabyOrganix to use premium natural or plant-derived ingredients in all our products to combat all the toxic chemicals and eczema irritants. Check BabyOrganix products to know more about the best parenting tips and parenting products in the market.

protect your children and shoo away the toxic agents.
Protect your children and shoo away the toxic agents
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