Newborn Dry Skin:Eczema

Newborn Dry Skin: Eczema

Most newborn skin problems, such as eczema or diaper rash, don’t develop for the first month or two if you do not overly expose your newborn harsh chemicals. Eczema appears as a red, itchy rash mostly on face and scalp, at the elbows, and behind the knees.

A few tips on preventing dry, irritated skin and eczema:
• Try once-a-week bathing to allow skin to retain natural oils.
• Limit your use of baby skin products. If necessary, use only a small amount of lotion or natural oil on dry skin areas.
• Make sure baby wears only soft clothing.
• Do not expose baby to too much air-cond

Newborn Dry Skin: Eczema

When baby has an allergic reaction, the result can be a rash. Rashes under the diaper can actually be eczema and not a diaper rash. An allergy to dyes in the diapers themselves can cause this reaction. Switching to dye-free diapers such as cloth diaper may be all that’s needed to prevent future outbreaks.

If baby is prone to diaper area rash, do not use powder. Use a thin layer of BabyOrganix Nappy RashCure Cream or even our Vitamin Baby Lotion which contain natural pre-biotics to prevent such problem.

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