Is Fragrance Safe for Us and Babies?

Is Fragrance Safe for Us and Babies

The fragrance gives your personal care products and baby products a pleasant smell. It is one of the skin care ingredients that give off a sweet and delicate odor. However, sometimes, a fragrant smell doesn’t equate to safety. In fact, fragrance can throw our bodies into a number of reactive behaviors and trigger health conditions.

That is why it is only right to find a trustworthy company that offers you fragrance free products and has no harmful ingredients. You don’t have to stick to personal care products and baby products that have harmful chemicals; you can leave your woes behind with the help of BabyOrganix. 

Fragrance can be typically found in personal care products. We made a list for you to see the danger of using fragrance-infused products to you and your baby. 

The danger of fragrance to you and your baby

  • Fragrance contains phthalates

Researchers found out that fragrance contains phthalates which are responsible for preterm birth and reproductive malformation.

  • Can trigger headache and nausea

The fragrance has been reported to cause headaches and nausea. Such effects are typically evident in pregnant women. Moreover, it also causes asthma attacks and memory problems.

  • Can be linked to serious health problems

Most fragrance chemicals are not disclosed. However, most of them can cause serious health problems such as cancer, reproductive and developmental toxicity, and allergies. FDA even suggested the use of fragrance free products.

  • Not for people with sensitive skin

It is better to use fragrance free baby care products because babies have sensitive skin. Scented products are most likely to trigger skin allergies, irritations, and eczema.

Fragrance has been known for being an irritant especially to people with sensitive skin and babies. It can also lead to serious health problems. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because BabyOrganix is here to save your way to perfect skin. From personal care products to baby products, we ensure that our products have no harmful chemicals and our skin care ingredients are made from the best skin care products in the market. Check out BabyOrganix to see more of our safe and effective products.

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