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babyorganix working tips from home with a baby

COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employees to work from home and BabyOrganix knows how hard it is for parents to be productive at work while taking care of their babies. It is an added job for parents to work at home with kids. 

However, it’s indeed possible to work from home while caring for your children. You will also find it helpful to prepare in advance a rough schedule and some enjoyable indoor activities so that you have the resources you’ll need. To help you juggle all your duties and responsibilities, BabyOrganix has compiled a great parenting guide and tips on working from home while caring for your little ones.

BabyOrganix Parenting Tips on Working from Home While Caring for Your Baby

  • Organize and get your working time schedule right

It’s important to plan your day carefully, with designated “office” hours. How many hours do you want to work on that particular day? When will you have a meeting? What can you get done when your baby is playing? You’ll accomplish better if you work smarter rather than harder.

Organize and plan your day, including when you’ll get up and what you’ll do each day. In the midst of distractions, having a schedule and a list of tasks will help you concentrate on the most important things.

  • Be ready for the unexpected

Understand that working from home with a newborn would require flexibility because a baby’s schedule is very unpredictable. They might cry during your meetings and have toilet time while you are on your focus hours. 

Get yourself ready for the unexpected. It’s also really easy to overlap home life with work life. If you don’t keep them separately, you’ll burn out and you won’t feel like you’re getting enough rest. So, even if it’s just for five minutes a day, make sure you give yourself some quiet time.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Just because you’re working from home that doesn’t mean that you should expect yourself to make calls, document, and email while breastfeeding, burping or rocking a baby to sleep. There are really days when you need help and that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to seek extra help with your partner or other family members. 

  • Take your own nap time

If you’re working from home for an extended period of time while still caring for your baby, it’s easy to get anxiety attacks. Take some time for yourself during their daytime nap or after they are asleep, such as taking your own break and nap time. Get yourself time to relax, if you can. 

  • Irritated baby skin can be troublesome, so use BabyOrganix

When your baby’s skin gets irritated it can be another problem to add to your work schedule for that day. Make sure to use a baby product that is chemical-free, gentle,  and safe for the baby’s sensitive skin, and is also good for eczema care. You can use BabyOrganix Hydrating Cream Bath during their bath time to make them feel good and comfortable all throughout the day.

BabyOrganix Hydrating Cream Bath is formulated only with nature’s best ingredients. This hydrating cream bath is a perfect choice rather than conventional soaps that can aggravate eczema and itching. Wrap your baby in this natural cream bath made entirely of natural ingredients, and they will feel decadently supple and extra comfortable. Getting your work done while taking care of your little one will never be so easy. However, following these working from home tips can make your job a little lighter especially when you adapt to the everyday routine. BabyOrganix is always here to be the companion of every parent in taking care of their babies with our organic baby products, parenting, and babycare tips to live toxic-free and have a natural living!

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