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How Does Baby Skin Differ From Adult Skin

BabyOrganix has a range of natural products that are suitable not only for the baby’s sensitive skin but also for the whole family. As parents, we have to understand the difference between the skin of our little ones to our skin, adults. Through this, you will be able to know which ingredients you should look out for and which products to use. 

Baby skin is not completely developed until the age of six months. Particularly the water-repellent needy layer is still thin and fragile, that’s why skin loses a lot of water. Moreover, the baby’s skin still has a lower number of skin cells as compared to adults. This makes it much easier for germs and other harmful substances applied to enter the fragile skin of the baby. 

To have more understanding about how baby skin differs from adult skin, BabyOrganix created a comparison guide about its functional differences.

BabyOrganix: The Baby and Adult’s Skin and Their Differences

  1. Prone to the external environment

Baby skin is significantly more environmentally permeable than adult skin, likely due to thinner outermost skin layers (stratum corneum and epidermis). This means they will be more vulnerable to water loss irritants from the environment. Additionally, infants are more likely to develop eczema than adults. It is difficult to tell precisely why this is the case, but it does mean that their skin barriers can be further disrupted.

Regularly using moisturizers may help preserve skin water content and also serve as a barrier to irritants. Research has actually shown that daily use of moisturizers decreases the occurrence of eczema by 50% during the first 6 months of a baby’s life.

  1. Sun exposure

Sun protection is vital for people of all ages, especially for young children. This is because exposure to ultraviolet radiation is cumulative over time, which means that if you got sunburns when you were 1 year old for whatever reason, the damage remained with you for life. In addition, children may be less conscious of the possible adverse effects of prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as the symptoms of sunburn, and are less likely to protect themselves.

For infants, sun protection is extra essential and they may need the guidance of an adult. Such important basic rules to bear in mind are sunscreen, sun-protective clothing, and avoiding the sun at peak hours. 

  1. Temperature regulation

Babies generally have higher skin surface area to total body volume ratio due to their size. They even have fewer sweat glands than adults. This implies that they could be more sensitive to environmental changes in temperature.

Since this anatomical distinction can say that they can get cold quickly, more often not it’s usually the other way around. Many individuals prefer to over-wrap their bundle of joy into clothing and blanket layers. 

Babies certainly have beautiful skin, but to ensure it stays healthy it is important to understand its characteristics. As well as how to take care of it with the right, toxic-free, and healthy newborn baby products like BabyOrganix. The same goes for the adult’s skin, through having a good skincare routine.

BabyOrganix Ways To Chemical-Free Lifestyle

Having a chemical-free lifestyle means having peace of mind. Through this, you are not just protecting the health of your precious little ones but rather your overall health of your family. Generally speaking, for good purposes, chemicals are not intended to be ingested and should be avoided. Knowing these harmful chemicals and avoiding them you are reducing the risk factors that contribute to cancer and other serious health conditions.The philosophy of BabyOrganix is to take care of the whole family with our natural baby, family and household products, and parents and baby care tips. Here at BabyOrganix, we have the best baby toiletries like organic wash and organic toiletries. Start your chemical-free and natural living with BabyOrganix today!

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