Toxic-Free Home is Now Possible with BabyOrganix


Did you know the products in your home could be making you sick? We breathe them,and absorb them,everyday.Who would imagine`innocent looking`household products such as laundry detergent,dishwater detergent,housecleaning products,air fresheners,car seat cleaners,candles,toothpaste,personal care,cosmetics,baby care products,could be harmful,but they are if you get the wrong ones.

If you think chemicals are only found in faraway places and not in your home,think again.Harmful chemicals are all around us and found primarily in our homes that may cause cancer,allergies,joint pain,asthma,ADD,ADHD,autism in children and other learing disabilities,and the list goes on.According to Consumer protection Agency (CPA),almost 150 chemicals found in the home are connected to allergies,birth defects,cancer and psychological disorder.

The importance of a toxic-free home

Keeping a toxic-free home is essential to keep all at home,especially young children away from allergic reactions and poisoning,or worse,even death. As responsible homeowner,you have to find ways to avoid inhaling,ingesting or even coming into contact with these hazardous chemicals.

I Love Tree by BabyOrganix

You can make this possible with I Love Tree range of eco household products by BabyOrganix.I Love Tree household series are specifically formulated from natural sources to be free from toxic and harsh chemicals-so that

you can care for your home as well as the environment without compromising the health of your loved ones.Now you can have a clean luandry,shiny dishes,and a spothless kitchen with peace of mind.

Why Choose I Love Tree?

There is no better time to give I love Tree range of products a try. What with more and more chemicals being found in the thousands of commercial household products you come in touch everyday.You need a safe alternative now.Start with the latest I Love Tree range of Eco Liquid laundry Detergent,Car seat, stroller & Nursery Cleanser and Eco Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner.You have incomparable reasons in choosing them too.

  • Non-toxic
  • Plant based ingredients
  • Recyclable PET plastic packaging
  • No animal testing or ingredients
  • Phosphate,chlorine and ammonia-free
  • Biodegradable as per OECD 301D test
  • Free from SLS,SLES,PEG & PARABEN
  • Carcinogen 1,4 dioxane & ethylene oxide-free

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