Cleanliness At School Made Easy With BabyOrganix

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Keep It Clean & Germ Free With BabyOrganix

While your kids are enjoying attending class at school and making friends, you as a parent must do your best to protect them. This time, you can guide them to protect themselves from viruses and germs that can cause to get sick.

We can guide our kids to keep themselves clean and fresh during long hours of class and curricular activities. We can’t expect them to shower at school and wash their hands during water shortage, so having an additional items from BabyOrganix help a lot!


Benefits Of Wet Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

Sports and heat make us sweat and our kids at school are feeling the same too. Wet wipes are not just for babies, kids and adults can benefit from them too. Wet wipes are easy to use because they come with cleaning ingredients in them. Unlike using soaps or foaming wash that requires the use of your fingers, cleansing wipes allow the user to clean his face without worry of contaminating a container with germs by repeatedly touching it. They are also can gently dissolve irritants, whilst helping maintain the skin’s natural PH. BabyOrganix wet wipes certified Organic Aloe Vera which is safe for baby hand & mouth.

As much as your hands serve you, they also put germs in contact with your mouth, eyes, nose, and to many other parts of your body. The foremost benefit of hand sanitizer is to sanitize and it’s doing a good job. When used properly, hand sanitizers can eliminate 99.9% of the germs on your hands. Whether at workplace, in the classroom, or in any space with lots of people, germs spread quickly. And even if you’re not getting ready to eat or taking out the trash, other people’s germs can affect you. This is where hand sanitizer comes in handy. Teachers, students, and working staffs can kill germs periodically throughout the day without having to leave their classroom. When you take a moment to sanitize your hands a few times throughout the day especially during flu season, you reduce your chances of getting sick. Without a doubt, using this germ-fighting products regularly throughout the day will boost your cleanliness and your health no matter where life takes you.


BabyOrganix On The Go

Face it, wherever you go, dirt & germs are already there. With our BabyOrganix wet wipes and hand sanitizer, the dirt and bacteria doesn’t stand a chance. They come in pocket size, just keep it in their bag so they can use it anytime they want. Remember, always recycle and throw the used containers in the rubbish bin.

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