Baby’s Skin Care During Seasonal Change

baby's skin care during seasonal change

Tips For Baby’s Skin Care During Seasonal Change

Aren’t we all feeling the heat lately? The scorching weather and humidity have made us be extra careful in taking care of our skin. As a parent, you need to pay more attention to your baby’s skin. The baby’s skin is more sensitive, soft and delicate than adult skin, making it more vulnerable to dryness, redness and irritation during this dry season. 

To keep their delicate skin let’s follow with our simple skincare strategies during dry season:

  1. Protect Baby’s Lips
    The hot weather can lead to their lips getting chapped and raw. You can apply natural oils such as olive or coconut oil on their lips. Applying a few drops of breast milk to dry, cracked lips can also help soothe and moisturize them.
  2. Swaddle in Loose Clothes
    Make sure they wear clothes that are loose and made from comfortable materials. Wearing cotton clothes is good because of its “breathability”. This means that air and water vapor can easily pass through the fabric. On top of that, cotton fabric is not very tightly woven, so it has gaps for air and vapor to pass through.
  3. Moisturize
    Coconut oil is the natural and pure option. Use it and massage into your baby’s skin to help moisturize the skin. Massage is known to help babies go to sleep, soothe colic and strengthen bonds between parent and child, so do more it!
  4. See a Doctor When You’re in Doubt
    Not all skin problems are mild. Follow your instinct and do not let skin conditions such as rashes, measles and others become worse. It’s time to contact or visit your doctor. 

Solutions For Baby’s Skin Care

The heat is tough on everyone’s skin, but babies and toddlers are extra susceptible to the hot and humid climate. A few simple solutions can help prevent dry skin, redness and other skin discomforts.

  1. Bath Babies with Hydrating Cream Bath
    You may be tempted to bath your baby during hot days but overbathing is never a good thing. Especially newborns, they do not always need to be bathed every day. Use Hydrating Cream Bath to help lock in moisture during bath time. Remember to harsh rubbing and use a soft tower to dry your baby.
  2. Soothe Baby’s Bum with Baby Bottom Soothing Cream
    Soaring temperature is a factor where every parent has to be extra-vigilant in the summer months. Dress your baby in suitable and minimum clothing. Apply Baby Bottom Soothing Cream on their bottom for better protection and nourishment.

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