BabyOrganix Tips For Baby Bath

BabyOrganix Tips For Baby Bath

Safety and cleanliness of babies is the ultimate goal of BabyOrganix. As a parent, we could not avoid our babies to crawl on the floor, touch things and put it on their mouth, but we can prevent them from crawling to dirty floor and nasty things. By using BabyOrganix baby products you can be at ease knowing your baby is at the good hand.

Newborn baby health care is a delicate matter to consider. In the early months, as your baby’s immune system develops and as a parent, you’ll want to use the mildest cleansers and the most organic products for baby’s skin. BabyOrganix would love to help every parent to get away with dry skin, eczema, and diaper rash from their baby.

Make sure in line with the preparation of the baby’s room, you will have to prepare for your baby care too. Have no fear when it comes to baby bath because BabyOrganix is here to provide you some tips for safe bathing:

  • Sponge

If your newborn still has the umbilical cord stump, stick to simple sponge baths every few days so it stays dry and clean. You can skip the soap, some lukewarm water is all you will be needing.

  • Wait for a good moment

Choose a time when you’re both relaxed to introduce your baby to the bath. You’ll want to bath the baby when he/she is well-rested and not hungry. Right before bedtime has always been the perfect timing for a baby bath because the lukewarm water can help the baby feel drowsy and ready to settle down to sleep.

  • Tear-free products

Baby bathing doesn’t need a lot of soap. But you might want to use a bit on their bottoms and a little amount of shampoo for hair. When selecting your baby bath products, make sure you’re buying baby washes which are tear-free and as gentle as possible.

  • Make preparations

Everything you will be needing for baby bath such as a washcloth, baby soap, diaper, clothes, should be within your arm’s reach. That way, you can keep your sight and at least one hand on your baby at all times.

BabyOrganix Classic Series

High-quality baby care can have a positive influence on the development of the baby. With that, BabyOrganix produced a series of product which has been created over time and it has its highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

BabyOrganix Classic Series Set includes:

  • O’Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • O’Clean Laundry Powder
  • Baby Feeding Bottle Wash
  • Eco Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Vitamin Baby Lotion with Prebiotic – Lavender
  • T3 Soothing Balm
  • Kids Wear Liquid Cleanser
  • Kids & Family Top To Toe Cleanser – Cucumber
  • Kids & Family Top To Toe Cleanser – Peach
  • Extra Gentle Top To Toe Cleanser – Rose Oil
  • Extra Gentle Top To Toe Cleanser – Grape
  • Crawl Safely Floor Wash

BabyOrganix Classic Series organic set is produced to give protection and soothingness to baby’s skin in order to avoid bacteria and viruses. When it comes to natural, plant-based, readily biodegradable and non-toxic formulated products, you can always rely on us. Shop with BabyOrganix today!

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