BabyOrganix | Bathing Tips for Fussy Babies

babyorganix bathing tips for fussy babies

Bathing your baby is a great way to start or end the day. In addition to the hygienic necessity, a pleasant relaxing bath will soothe your baby and help them sleep peacefully. However, some babies do not always enjoy bathing, and there could be a variety of reasons why your child resists and cries during bathing.

If you’re curious why your baby hates taking a bath, BabyOrganix compiled a list of reasons why your baby might hate bathing and created this parenting guide to help you change the situation. 

BabyOrganix: Reasons Why Does Baby Hate Baths?

  • Uncomfortable water temperature

The most common reason why babies dislike bath time is because of the water temperature. Babies are extremely sensitive to temperature, and water that is too cold or too hot can make them very uncomfortable very quickly. Bathing your baby should be done at body temperature, which is about 37 degrees Celsius.

  • Lighting in the bathing area

If you have a bathroom with a lot of colors and unpleasant or uncomfortable lighting, it may be too much for an anxious child to take in. If your baby is overstimulated by visual stimuli, simplify and streamline, then add welcoming and pleasant colors and lighting. 

  • Getting soap in their eyes

For this reason, many babies hate having their faces or hair washed. Opt for baby-specific bath products that are mild and soap-free. Since soaps might irritate the skin, and babies may be afraid of soap getting into the eyes and causing a burning feeling.

BabyOganix Tips To Calm Babies Down During Bath Time

  • Maintain conversation and eye contact with the baby

They will be comforted by constant conversation and familiar calming music. If you don’t want to sing, you can play music instead. Maintaining eye contact with them and talking with them while bathing helps them relax and enjoy their bath time.

  • Make sure the water temperature is right

The bath water’s temperature is extremely important. Water that is too hot will scorch your baby, while water that is too cold will make your little one feel very cold and uncomfortable. What’s hot to you as an adult may be quite different from what’s hot to your baby. If you’re still unsure about the temperature, you may use a bath thermometer. The recommended bath temperature for your baby is between 37°C and 38°C, which is close to body temperature.

  • Adjust the bathroom lighting

If your baby easily gets anxious about what they see, simplify the color and adjust the bathroom lighting to more welcoming and calming lighting. This might excite your little one to go to a bath regularly.

  • Avoid bathing when they’re tired or hungry

Another reason your baby cries during bath time is if they are tired or hungry. If your baby isn’t properly fed and tired, they’ll get irritated easily, especially when bathing. It’s important to feed the baby and then wait 30 to 45 minutes before taking them to a bath to allow the food to digest. Also, try to bathe a little earlier than usual before going to bed. This will not interfere with your baby’s sleep schedule.

  • Gently splash water and wash little at a time

Splashing is an essential part of your baby’s bathtime enjoyment. However, many infants prefer to splash rather than to be splashed. So, as enticing as it may be, resist the urge to splashback. Slowly and gently wash a bit at a time, taking care not to take a full bath at once.

  • Use BabyOrganix Hydrating Cream Bath

BabyOrganix Hydrating Cream Bath is an organic baby product that is naturally kinder and suitable for a baby’s sensitive and delicate skin. This product is also perfect for eczema care, as soaps contain ingredients that are generally drying and worsen eczema and itching. 

BabyOrganix Hydrating Cream Bath has a calming and soothing effect since it also contains lavender to nourish your baby’s sensitive skin and protect important moisture with our all-natural and chemical-free ingredients. With BabyOrganix, bath time is now a fun and nurturing moment for you and your baby, and the whole family can now live a natural living!

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