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babyorganix 3 ways to adjust to postpartum life

Postpartum: Adjusting Life After Having a Baby

When you’re planning to have a baby, it can be both worrying and exciting. Parents spend months and years preparing what they want out from the birth experience. Our very own parents, family and peers have their very own experiences, opinions and views but none of that can really prepare you for the real thing. 

BabyOrganix understands that many parents are prepared for the birth and labor but not the life after it. If society puts as much attention to it, then parenthood can have a smoother life transition. After all, the time and process of birth are only a fleeting moment compared to the journey of parenthood. 

The first 3 months of being a parent can be the most challenging episodes of your life. There will be so many things to learn about your adorable little angel and while trying to take care of yourself. Here’s what you can expect as you adjust to have a new baby at home:

  • There will be a big change in your life. Your preparation matters.
  • Having a newborn is precious, but it can be completely overwhelming as well.
  • You’ll need time to adjust so be easy on yourself. You’ll be okay! 

How to Make a Postpartum Plan

There is no secret formula on how to be a perfect parent. But having a postpartum plan can make life easier. This is because postpartum experience can vary from mother to mother. While some feel great physically and feel on top of the world soon after birth, others may feel so tired that they can barely function. Having a plan is an excellent way to expect coming challenges to have the smoothest transition possible. 

3 Ways to Adjust to Postpartum Life

  1. Have a Consistent Routine
    After birth, you’ll have a new identity. You’ll not just be known as an amazing woman but also a loving mother. The formation of the maternal identity might be one of the most fundamental transformations a woman can ever go through. Have a routine in plan, and we suggest you to create one during the third trimester itself. Plan it together with your partner. In this plan you must include: – sleeping & napping time, diet plan, empowering feeding support, exercise and most importantly, your very own ‘me time’.
  2. Don’t Be Shy to Ask For Help
    Anxiety and/or depression are the most common complications after birth. With additional tasks and new identity, this can be too much to digest within a short period of time. You heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. And you also need people you can trust to be around your baby. With increasing responsibilities, it can be too much to deal with at times. From household chores, taking care of baby’s needs to your own needs, ask for help. Whenever you need a helping hand, ask for it.  Don’t assume your partner, parents or friends will know what you need unless you ask. Be open and keep a positive mindset because you need it.
  3. Go Easy on Yourself
    Being a new mum is exceptionally hard work. It’s important to look after yourself. Aside from eating well, try to rest when you can. Just as how you can be so forgiving about your baby’s mistakes, be kind to yourself too. It is a massive learning curve. When you feel a little off, do what energizes and refuel you. Just because you’re a mum now it doesn’t mean you need to let go of your hobbies. You’re a super mum, and we know it! 
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