Baby Skin Care: Diaper Rash

Baby Skin Care: Diaper Rash

Most often, diaper rash is caused by the irritating wetness of a soiled diaper. The rash can also develop when baby’s skin is not properly dried after a bath. Sometimes, a bacteria or yeast infection will cause diaper rash. Babies taking antibiotics are especially susceptible to a yeast infection diaper rash because the drugs allow fungal growth.

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Most forms of diaper rash don’t require medical care. To treat diaper rash and prevent further newborn skin problems:

• Check diapers frequently.
• Change diapers immediately when wet or soiled.
• Do not wear a diaper more than 3 hours.
• Wash the diaper area with mild ‘toxic free’ cleanser or plain water. If the rash is severe, do not rub but gently clean with palm and water.
• Use a soft clean cloth, not baby wipes. The perfume or alcohol in many wipes can further irritate and dry baby’s skin.
• Pat baby dry. Don’t rub. Let the diaper area air-dry fully before putting on a fresh diaper.
• Apply a layer of BabyOrganix vitamin baby lotion or a protective ointment like BabyOrganix Nappy RashCure cream.
• Avoid using baby powder. Corn starch-based powders promote yeast growth. Talcum powder may cause lung problems if inhaled.

See your pediatrician if the rash doesn’t clear up in three to four days. If the rash is caused by eczema, a bacterial or yeast infection, or other condition, you may need a prescription treatment.

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